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Jesus Over Everything

Mar 31, 2023

Pastor, Bible-teacher, and author of the new book "Uncharted," Ines Franklin joins Lisa to discuss why living a linear life is risky and how rhythms of desiring God lead us to thirst for Him more. Listen in to discover the importance of owning your identity and the truth that it is never too late to be used by God.


Mar 29, 2023

We all have experienced rejection from others. Rejection limits us. It hurts, and it’s very real. In this episode, Lisa addresses the kinds of rejection we face, what it can do to us, and how we can move forward. She reminds us that God not only knows everything we've been through with people, but he accepts us as...

Mar 24, 2023

Join Lisa for this heartfelt conversation with Kia Stephens as they discuss how God knows what we've been through with our fathers.  Together, they dive into Kia's new book, "Overcoming Father Wounds," sharing openly about their own stories, how to identify our wounds, and how to forgive those who have wounded...

Mar 22, 2023

How do we move forward from the hurt we've experienced? Is there any good that can come from abuse? In this short but tender episode, Lisa reminds us that God knows what we've been through with people and desires to bring beauty from our brokenness.



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Mar 17, 2023

“Feeling triggered” has become a common expression in our culture, especially as it relates to conversations and situations that reopen unhealed emotional wounds. Addressing this topic, Lisa is joined by Debra Fileta – counselor, author, and podcast host – to discuss how to acknowledge our own personal...