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Jesus Over Everything

Jan 28, 2022

Today's JOE Show is so special. Lisa has hoped and waited for the privilege of this interview since the beginning of JOE. Lisa welcomes Joni Eareckson Tada today. They talk about hope, suffering, living with chronic pain, and how the church can serve the disabled community better moving forward. Her book Joni is being...

Jan 26, 2022

In our last show this month, we're talking denial vs. development. What happens in those moments in our lives when we get hit with hard things? How can a choice to go one way instead of the other result in being less usable in the kingdom of God? Listen in as Lisa shares wisdom from I Samuel to answer these...

Jan 21, 2022

Lisa welcomes clinical psychologist, author, and speaker Dr. Juli Slattery for the first time to JOE today. She is the president and co-founder of Authentic Intimacy, a teaching organization designed to help you rediscover God's design for sexuality. Today's show is not for children's ears. The real and honest...

Jan 19, 2022

Week 3 of our study of King Saul leads us to the topic of position vs. effectiveness. Does a greater position of influence determine how effective we will be? Listen in today as Lisa shares wisdom from I Samuel to help us answer this question.



Jan 12, 2022

Lisa is jumping in today to teach on King Saul from the book of I Samuel. Listen in as she shares some things you might not have known about King Saul. Is everyone equally usable in the kingdom of God?





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