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Jesus Over Everything

Dec 17, 2021

Listen in today as Lisa shares with you her plans for Ministry Strong in 2022. Ministry Strong helps ministry leaders serve Jesus for the long haul, so spend more time on a healthy soul than the spotlight. If you are a ministry leader or have concerns for ministry leaders, this show is for you!



Dec 13, 2021

If you feel like God has called you to write, speak or start a podcast, this show is for you! There is a community of like-minded women who are waiting for you to join them in pursuing your dreams and answering that call from the Lord. Stop is the day!



Dec 10, 2021

Lisa welcomes speaker, leader of the She is Free movement and author of the new book, Friendship - It's Complicated, Andi Andrew. They dive into the important conversation on what to do when you have been wounded by friends. You'll want to share this show with others who might have experienced this hardship and need to...

Dec 3, 2021

It is always a treat when pastor, thought leader and author Dr. Derwin Gray joins Lisa on JOE. Today, Lisa and Derwin talk about his latest book, God Do You Hear Me? The topic is all things prayer in this powerful conversation today.



Nov 19, 2021

On our final Lisa + Friends show for November, Lisa welcome Kat Armstrong. Kat is a preaching coach, wise counselor and author of her most recent book, The In-Between Place, Where Jesus Can Change Your Story. Kat played a major role in The Hard Good Bible Study. Listen as these 2 friends talk about the space between...