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Jesus Over Everything

Sep 28, 2018

Friday 5 – 5 ways to take better care of yourself


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Sep 27, 2018

Guest: Hayley Morgan – Author of Preach to Yourself


5 Word Prayer: Replace bad news with good. 



Preach to Yourself


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Sep 26, 2018

SOUL CARE WEEK: Constant inspirational memes, motivational quotes, conferences, podcasts, and all the social media things – can we get into an inspiration addiction and can it actually be detrimental to our soul? Lisa covers this and some questions to ask ourselves.


5 Word Prayer: Help me set soul boundaries.


Sep 25, 2018

SOUL CARE WEEK: Is it really important to know ourselves? And what does that have to do with soul care? Lisa answers both those questions in this important show about really knowing who we are.


5 Word Prayer: God, help me know myself.


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Sep 24, 2018

SOUL CARE WEEK: Making big decisions in the right way is one often missed aspect of how we take care of our soul. Less regret, less apology, less consequence – all by understanding what things NOT to make a big decision based upon. Lisa covers 2 key things big decisions should never be made as a result of.


5 Word...