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Jesus Over Everything

Mar 30, 2018

God is good all the time…all the time, God is good. We say these words, but do we know what they really mean? What God being good isn’t, and what to know in our hearts when we enjoy his goodness moving forward.


5 Word Prayer: Thank You for being good.


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Mar 29, 2018

On today’s daily, Lisa dives into the dreaded “no” word and what our options are when we are faced with rejection.


5 Word Prayer: May rejection never hinder me.


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Mar 28, 2018

Guest: Marshawn Evans, former Miss America finalist, professional sports attorney, former competitor on The Apprentice, and book author/speaker. Today on the 5WPD, Marshawn gives us a glimpse into her story and teaches us why we should be searching for bigger purpose in our lives. 


5 Word Prayer: Challenge Me to...

Mar 27, 2018

Today’s daily is on the important and seldom talked about issue of spiritual manipulation: how to spot it and what to steer clear of, ourselves.


5 Word Prayer: Keep me discerning and careful.


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Mar 26, 2018

What do you spend your life fighting for – do you have a focus that fulfills you and do you recognize what it is? Today Lisa talks about her wrong focus and how God recalibrated the mission of her life.


5 Word Prayer: Help me fight for You.