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Jesus Over Everything

Feb 28, 2018

When you look at society as a whole, what do you think we base our life decisions on, for the most part? This is the question Lisa asks and answers, exploring the important right way to make life decisions for both parents and kids.


5 Word Prayer: May convictions outweigh my...

Feb 27, 2018

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. In today’s daily, Lisa gives a practical parental help in the acronym POP for parents who desire to parent with intention.


5 Word Prayer: Help me parent with intention.


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Feb 26, 2018

In week 3 of our word study based on Deuteronomy 30:20, Lisa takes a closer look at the word commitment and how the problem with our commitment to God is rooted in something else.


5 Word Prayer: I commit to greater focus.


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Feb 23, 2018

In this last of the week long series of the word obedience, Lisa wraps up with a powerful Scripture dive from Exodus 16, talking about truly doing it God’s way with some take-away thoughts.


5 Word Prayer: Help me choose Your way.


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Feb 22, 2018

Today Lisa discusses a difficult word and concept for many believers, as we seek to obey God…and closes with a practical start to help us down the obedience path.


5 Word Prayer: Forgive me for resisting submission.


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